Pentatonix is one of the most famous bands in the world. Their songs have always managed to mesmerize the entire world every time they come up with new music.

Their new song Prayer is not an exception. These band members have the most exceptional and beautiful voices ever. Not just one but all of them have a unique voice and a style of their own. The fans can’t help but go crazy when they listen to Pentatonix’s new songs. This band brought a unique and new concept to the world of music.

The five-member band sing amongst a number of pine trees in the most melodious way. Their voices echo as they sing Prayer. As one of the lead singers goes on singing in Italian, this song takes its mediocrity and turns it into a totally phenomenal song. Pentatonix truly deserves more hype than they already get.

They’re just so amazing! Watch the full video below!

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