He Offers Man Hundreds in Cash – But Man Says No, “Spread It Around”

Here’s a heartwarming story of a man who turns down hundreds of dollars in cash, saying he only needs $20 to make it through the day. He says he’s tempted to take it all, but he wants the rest “spread around” to people that need it and “tell them it’s from Paul.”

Travis Doodles runs a non-profit ministry called “Worth and Purpose.” He says, “We want people to know Jesus loves them, values them, and gives their life meaning. Our mission is to be uncommonly generous with our time and money to spread the Gospel.”

As part of this ministry, they give away money to people in need. And that’s just what happens in this video.

Travis stops Paul, tells him he wants to bless him today and offers him hundreds of dollars in cash. Paul says no and asks him to spread it around, so Travis does. And wait until you see the reactions, especially the last one. It’s heartwarming to watch.

Watch the full video below and let us what you think of Paul and Travis in the comments!

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