This Touching Song by Patsy Cline Always Tears Me Up. But This Time I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Some of the most memorable moments in my life come from high school. I am pretty sure many of you feel the same way. We get to learn a lot and those things actually stay with you for life. By the end of it, all of your friends take different roads and you rarely get to see them. That is the reason why high school reunions are so special.

It is nice to catch up with your old buddies and go back in time with them. And this lady featured below does it all in a spectacular way. When “She’s Got You” by Patsy Cline started playing at this high school reunion, I didn’t know what to expect. But this hilarious performance left me floored and in stitches. What an amazing sense of humor!

Watch this hilarious clip below and let us know if you enjoyed it via your comments!

[ytvid id=”mDvLSC3xVlw”]

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