They Saw A Disabled Homeless Man Fall Down, Yet These Pedestrians Refused To Help Him

Time and again, we are asked not to judge a book by its cover. It’s something that has been taught to us by our parents since our childhood. Yet, we can’t seem to shake off our horrible tendency to judge a person instantly on his looks. They say that the first impression you make is the last impression, and usually, the only thing people take in is the appearance rather than the behavior of the person.

It’s sad to see how even in this time and age, people are judges for by their looks. The color of their skin, the way they dress—they are judges instantly on these factors. The YouTubers who made the following video decided to test how true this was. They had two people pose differently in two looks—one of them looked scruffy and homeless, while the other was dressed sharply in a suit. Both were carrying crutches, and they tried to see how people would react when they fell over.

The results were shocking, but perhaps not so unsurprising. The man in the suit immediately got help when he fell down. He didn’t get help from just one person—a small group of people would gather around him to help him up. Meanwhile, the man dressed as a homeless person got almost no help at all. People saw him, but they just ignored him and moved on. He did get help from a homeless person, and perhaps this makes you take a moment to think about our behavior.

This really makes you stop and think about your own behavior. If you can’t change how you behave, how can you expect the world to change and improve?

Check out this incredible social experiment below:

[ytvid id=”F5CvGJds6DQ”]

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