Hilarious Parody Video of Woman Responding to Catcalling Catches Fire

Parody is generally a light-hearted imitation done for the sole purpose of humor. Something we all enjoy as they are pretty clever, catchy at times, and overall entertaining. Catcalling, a form of verbal harassment that nobody enjoys. Now add the both together, we get a blend of an impressive comeback and the glaring truth.

It’s not the first time we have watched such videos. However, it is the first we might have smiled through it all. And it’s not a spoof or a comedy sketch. These are actual incidents. Thus, the faces are blurred, although one was honored with a reveal. Why do you ask? Well, this guy didn’t use any strong words or made any move. He just followed the girl for eight minutes.


I mean, talk about having free time, the girl cleverly dismisses him. “I know what you are doing. I’m kind of into it. The whole shadowing thing.” The guy doesn’t deny the act. Then he gets hit with the line, “It’s just that I’m not particularly into fat guys, so let’s just keep walking and burning lbs.” Not a fan of fat-shaming, but let’s face it, that creeper had it coming. Just at the end, you would be surprised, who else makes a pass at her. It so hard to recognize the true intent of anyone these days.

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