They Rudely Blocked a Parking Spot – Minutes Later, Here Comes Karma!

Sometimes karma takes awhile to strike back. But sometimes, if people can take matters in their own hands, it happens pretty quick. Here’s a short video that shows a rude couple in a parking lot getting exactly what they deserved.

In the clip below, a car was waiting to park in a designated spot. However, a woman walks to the front of the parking and places two traffic cones to block the group waiting in line. Soon her boyfriend shows up and takes the parking place, leaving the waiting car just sitting with no place to park.

The people in the vehicle tried to reason with the couple. Despite the perfect explanation, the partners walked away, ignoring them. Hence, one of the men from the group takes out his trailer wheel lock. Within seconds they lock the tire well. They also put a note on the car to grab their attention.

That was one heck of mischievous revenge. Watch the short clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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