This amazing Parakeet has a full on conversation with Siri – Her skills are unbelievable!

Among many other bird species, Parakeets are much likely to learn a new language. Kiwi is not an exception herself. She is a Green Parakeet who loves to speak in human language.

Her owner Blake Harrison told Vice that she even interprets words on her own. And that is just amazing! Kiwi’s video went viral on Youtube. In this video, the parakeet is talking to Siri through her owner’s iPhone. What’s even more surprising is that the bird even knows how to activate Siri!

Kiwi says commands like “Hey Siri” and ” Yes you, Siri”. Her skills are beyond just these commands. Although her words are gibberish and confusing at first, she later asks Siri to talk about chicken, parakeets, and birds.

This is one of the most wholesome videos you will ever see on the internet and it will surely charm you. Watch the full video below!

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