No One Can Find Grandpa’s Ringing Phone Even Though They Can Hear It On Him

Have you ever lost your phone and frantically searched for it only to find it in your hands? Or searched everywhere for your spectacles while having them over your forehead? You feel so silly at that moment, but it’s hilarious if you think about it.

This is what happened to this Grandpa. He loses his phone. However, it’s not entirely lost. You can hear a faint ringing of the cellphone— wherever papa goes! He searches for it on himself, patting all his pockets, but he can’t find it anywhere. Someone even suggests that he go to the bathroom and take off all his clothes.

papa phone lost

The ringing of the phone follows Papa everywhere. At one point, they conclude that he has a bell inside him! Papa is so confused by all this that he falls into a fit of laughter. As the ringing continues, everyone is all ears. That’s when they finally find his phone. The place where they find his phone is so surprising, you would never expect it! Everyone’s in hysterics after they solve the mystery. Watch where they discover Papa’s phone:


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