Naughty Baby Pandas Make Trouble For Caretaker Raking Leaves

Nothing is cuter or cuddlier than a giant panda bear. Just looking at them makes you want to scream “Aww”! So we’re torn between shouting AW and laughing out loud! It’s no surprise that seeing an adorable video of a playful panda cub showing off for the camera on YouTube instantly lifts us out of a funk.

Look at these adorable pandas who just want to play with the leaves and make their nanny’s life a living hell. Mei enters the Giant Panda enclosure at China’s Chengdu Research Base to rake up the leaves on the ground. But we all know she is never going to get out now. Especially after this cutest furball is there to mess up her routine.


When the naughty baby pandas see the poor nanny with her pink rake and basket of leaves, they are immediately captivated. While Mei desperately attempts to keep them at bay, the furbears in making mischief and jumping into the basket, messing around with Mei, and rolling about with the leaves for entertainment.

Watch this hilarious video here:

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