Girl Was Harass By These Bullies Until These Strangers Have Had Enough

Bullying is any behavior where the attacker purposefully uses force that isn’t equally matched. Bully behavior can come in many forms, including striking others, kicking them, threatening people, teasing them, excluding others from a group, and sending hateful messages. Children who are bullied have a difficult time fighting back. Frequently, kids are bullied for longer than just a day.

This creates a series of negative impacts on the bully and the one who is bullied. One might feel empowered and would search for their next victims. On the other hand, the one being bullied may have a psychological trauma that can get deep into adulthood. We as an adult need to stop this act if we ever see it happening and need to console them as much as possible.


To test if any adults would intervene if they saw young people being bullied, these child actresses set up an experiment. And this is how this couple reacted.

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