They Thought This Panda Lost Her Baby After 3 Hard Days in Labor, Then Camera Captures an Astonishing Sight

There are so many adorable critters in the world, but pandas are definitely near the top of the list. Sadly, due to rampant habitat loss, slow reproductive cycle and limited diets, pandas were an endangered species. Thanks to the serious conservation efforts, they have only recently come off the list. Every panda baby is really important for the conservation of the species, so when any one of them is at risk of being lost, it’s a nail-biting moment indeed.

This panda in this video was on the verge of losing her baby. Min Min had been in labor for almost three days. It is very rare for panda cubs to survive three-day labor. Her keepers thought that she had already lost her cub. They were about to lose all hope when Min Min did the unthinkable. She finally rolled over and gave birth to a tiny pink cub. It was a miracle it was alive!

The cub might look tiny to us, but he was actually twice the normal size of newborn cubs. Giving birth to a large cubs is always difficult. Min Min suffered through a lot for him. Thankfully, he was alright. He was a fighter too. Not only did he survive a very long and hard labor period, but he also came around with thrashing legs! It looks like this baby is really to roll from the very first breath!

Check out this miraculous moment below:

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