She Drags a Plate Across The Water. Immediately, A Strange Phenomenon Occurs

Have you ever noticed black spots on the swimming pool on a very sunny day? You might have tried to find the source of the moving rings, but you see nothing that can explain these figures. They are the shadows of two water vortices. And these tiny whirlpools can explain how massive tornadoes are formed!

Dianna Cowern is a YouTuber who goes by the name Physics Girl. And fittingly so! In her channel, she explains everything from galaxies to science experiments that we unknowingly conduct every day. And one of her most fascinating videos is about a natural phenomenon that most people notice, but don’t quite know about.

pool vortex physics

In it, Cowern gets a dinner plate and drags it through the swimming pool. Along with two vortex dips that form in the surface of the water, two tiny circles also appear at the bottom of the pool. Moreover, they don’t die anytime soon. And instead, it takes 3 minutes for them to go across the pool. Furthermore, what happens when she puts food coloring in the vortices is bizarre! Watch to find out what happens below:

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