Real Life Von Trapp Great-Grandchildren Grab Hearts Singing ‘Edelweiss’

The von Trapp family is an iconic family from Austria, best known for their starring role as the subjects of the 1964 film The Sound of Music, which starred Julie Andres and won the academy award for best picture. The family consisted of seven children, and their father Baron Georg von Trapp, who was a retired Austrian Navy officer.

The family was famously musically gifted and in 1925 established the Trapp Family Singers, who gained international fame for their performances. In 1938, the family was forced to flee Austria due to Nazi occupation, and after a concert tour of Europe and the United Kingdom, they eventually settled in the United States. The von Trapps were a successful singing family, and their story continues to captivate audiences to this day.

But as this video shows, the musical legacy didn’t stop after World War II and there are Von Trapps here today that are musically talented. And, these kids without a doubt, are just phenomenal. The four young Trapps sing Edelweiss with the most melodious vocals. You won’t be disappointed even a bit. These youthful singers surely have the talent to carry the family name as musicians.

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