Overly Dramatic Dog Hilariously Faints When Lady Tries To Clip His Nail

For an animal, dogs sure are dramatic. And it’s amazing how well they express their emotions. The fact that they can’t communicate like a human is, indeed sad. However, they have their own way of showing feelings. And most of the time, dogs can be really dramatic.

So, when this dog decided to pull a prank on her owner, it was the most adorable thing to witness. The owner of this adorable pup requests her to give her her paws. She does this so she cut her growing nails. But the dog seems absolutely terrified of the nail cutter. So, she refuses to give her mom her paws.

dog being dramatic

But the mom isn’t letting go that easy. So she takes her paws. And just when you think the dog is okay with it, the drama begins. The dog dramatically pretends to faint just so she can get an excuse to cut her nails.

WATCH the video below to see how adorably the pup decides to fake a fall.

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