Girl faces a tragic accident, then inspires millions on the Internet

It’s not every day that we get to see incredible people living their life to the fullest. Despite complications, these people live to inspire others.

One such story of inspiration is of 23-year-old Victoria Salcedo from Guayaquil, Ecuador. She doesn’t have arms and a leg, yet she is living her life as an average person does. She is a model, an influencer, and recently has taken up free-diving. Victoria does all that because, for her, her spirit is more important than people’s doubts.

woman with 1 leg

Victoria was five years old when she was electrocuted as she touched a high voltage wire with a metal stick. She suffered a severe third-degree burn. As a result, her one leg and both arms were amputated. Even though the horror of the day still lives with Victoria, it doesn’t let it stop her or distract her from being who she is.

This fearless woman took time for herself trying to adapt to her situation and learn how to live with it. Now, she uses her only leg to do almost everything. From makeup to eating her food, her “magic leg’ is her savior. And with so much love for the water, she has taken up a new hobby- free-diving.

WATCH the inspiring story of Victoria in the video below.

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