Three Dogs Herd Ducks Through Obstacle Course – You Won’t Believe It

You’ve probably seen herding dogs in action before, usually with sheep or cows. But you’ve probably never seen anything like these three dogs herding ducks (except maybe Babe the herding pig, and that was make believe)!

Herding dogs consist of a variety of breeds such as the Australian Cattle Dog and Shepherd, Bearded and regular Collie, Sheepdog and of course German Shepherd. These dogs have a natural instinct to actively “round up” and herd other animals with frantic running, eye contact and aggressive barking.

Even with that natural instinct, however, the dogs must be trained to perform to the owner’s needs. Dogs are typically trained to spoken/shouted commands or whistles so that the animals being herded go where the owner wants rather than where the dogs choose.

In this video, the owner Chad has trained these three beautiful herding dogs–Roy, Lass and Celt–to herd an unusual pack, or should I say flock, of four ducks on the farm. Chad uses three different whistles to control the dogs, which is a testament to his ability as a trainer and the dogs’ intelligence as the workers.

Chad calls this group of animals “The Quack Pack USA” and this incredible demonstration took place in Livingston, Tennessee. The girls in the video also deserve a special mention: they’re Chad’s nieces!

Watch the full video below and let us know in the comments what you think of Chad, Roy, Lass and Celt–and of course the nieces!

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