Every Day, This Man Waits For a Visit From His Friend – Watch Who It Is

Humans are known to form special relationships with animals. If you have a dog, cat or even a horse at home, you know how amazing their companionship can be. People can forge friendships with the most unusual critters. You might have come across stories of people becoming friends with elephants, cockatoos, and even penguins. But you rarely come across stories about otters.

This is the unbelievable story of a man named Seppo and his friend, Livari. The otter had walked up to his doorstep while starving and freezing. Seppo decided to help the otter out by giving him food. Ever since then, the pair formed a special bond. Livari is totally comfortable around Seppo, and even comes along running when he hears the old man’s voice.

The otter also has his own special bowl in the house and doesn’t feel shy about stepping inside and making himself feel at home. It’s incredible how the otter tails him around and even responds to his name. He seems to get that Seppo is his friend and means him no harm. From all the unusual animal friendships seen on the internet, this one really stands out! The otter is so used to having the man around that he even accepts treats right from his hands!

Out of all the unusual animal and human relationships, this one really takes the cake! Check out their amazing bond below:

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