This Cat Waiting Patiently Near the Pedestrian Road Shocks the Driver When He Stops the Car

Cats are one of the wisest and cleverest animals ever. You will surely like this video if you love cats.

Driver Justin Scrutton was driving through Dartford, Kent in England when he saw something that managed to catch his eyes like nothing else. This is one of the best things I have watched all around the internet and must I say I am impressed in every way possible. Justin Scrutton really made sure that he captures the moment in his camera so that people know what he saw.

The man in no way was lying. Also, how can something that we see on camera be a lie? The cat in Justin’s video is very wise. The cat patiently waits until the road is clear and safe for it to cross and this was almost shocking and unbelievable for Justin as he had never seen such a wise cat.

I am in disbelief myself. Watch the full video below!

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