Orangutan Spots Tiny Baby From Glass Window, and His Response Will Melt Your Heart

Going to the zoo is always a fun experience. Seeing animals up close is always fun, and it can be especially educational to children. Seeing so many animals together which you might otherwise not seen in the wild is amazing. You can observe the animals and their natural behavior. But sometimes, they end up doing something that leaves everyone in awe!

The following video shows an encounter between an orangutan and a tiny baby. The orangutan, a very endangered species in the wild, belong to the ape family and are social creatures. They might not be as social as macaques, but they do enjoy company. The one in this video was especially smitten by a tiny baby that had come to see him at the zoo.

The orangutan crept closer towards the baby and tried to interact with him. He waved and even made kissy faces at the baby. Meanwhile, the rest of the visitors were totally in awe by this behavior. The orangutan was on the other side of the glass, but he was really gentle and loving towards the little guy. He even wanted to share some food with his little friend!

Check out this amazing video below:

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