Angry Man Throws a Drink at Them and Kicks Their Car, but He Gets Instant Karma

Sometimes, you see a video and wonder what must have triggered the person to react in such a drastic manner. A Tiktok user, whizzu, shared a video of a homeless man throwing a drink and kicking the car.

The video garnered over 41M views in TikTok in a single day. Not just that, the clip was able to make its way into Reddit, where it became a part of the popular thread. In the short out of context video, the man is throwing his drink aggressively. The homeless man then goes on to kick the user’s car and flips them off soon after. As he was making obscene gestures, a siren closes in as a police officer’s bike pullover by his side.

Many commenters then in the video began asking the reason behind his anger. One user wrote, “I wanna see why the “homeless guy” was angry.” Another user added,

“I just want a little context. Was he begging, and they just said, “sorry, I don’t have cash?” So then he got pissed and threw a tantrum? I wish I could see this whole thing played out.”

When asked by the user who posted the video, @whizzu posted under a comment, “this man is not innocent whatsoever” Furthermore, the user adds, “We were stopped at a red light, and I simply nodded no when he began asking for money. The homeless man proceeded to ask until he saw I wasn’t giving him attention.” 

That’s when the rage began. Everything else was recorded in the video by the user. The man gets instant karma from California Highway Patrol as he caught the man in the act. Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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