Dog Trapped In A Submerged Truck Had No Hope Of Escape Until A Heroic Officer Dives Underwater

Drowning resembles the nightmare, where you are unable to scream or run. Therefore from personal experience, one has to at quick to stay alive.

During a warm Saturday afternoon, Debra Titus was enjoying the ride with her two pets. Suddenly, panic hit her nerves after accidentally steering into the water. Nevertheless, the woman and one of her dogs manage to get out thanks to her swift actions. However, the trunk starts singing with Moochie still inside.

Nonetheless, Officer David Harriman dives to the rescue. The cop jumps into the murky water and saves the little dog. He has successfully grasped a vast audience after this heroic act: such a kind and war story with a happy ending. Please don’t forget to fill the feed with your blessing for the daring officer.

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