Dog Needed to Go to the Bathroom. But What Dad’s Camera Caught Next is Genius!

Dogs are one of the most entertaining species on the planet. They are also very faithful and loyal, and they are known to be quite intelligent too. Over the course of years, humans have taught canines to help them with many different things. Dogs can give you a hand in your chores, they can help in therapy, and they can even help out in bomb detection!

Dogs are some of the most easily-trainable creatures. If you have a dog at home, I am sure you have tried to teach them some few tricks yourself. This family is not an exception. However, instead of teaching their dogs tricks like “roll over” or “play dead”, they taught him something very useful.

You are going to be speechless when you see this fully potty trained pooch! He even flushes after he is done! According to his owners, they still take him outside for fresh air and a good walk every day.

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