76-Yr-Old Nun Yanks Away Thieves’ Ladder While They Are On the Roof

It’s satisfying to me when a criminal gets foiled in the act of committing the crime and I like it even more when it’s foiled by an ordinary citizen doing the right thing. Well here’s a video that I don’t just like, I love it because the ordinary citizen in this case is a 76-year-old nun.

Far from conforming to the “helpless” stereotype we often associate with senior women, Sister Mary Johnice of Buffalo, New York, proved she was the right citizen at the right time to stop these would-be thieves from robbing a Christian community center.

Two thieves use a ladder to climb up onto the roof of the community center, planning on robbing whatever they could find. That’s when Sr. Mary looked out, noticed the ladder and decided to take action. Sr. Mary said the ladder “was heavy, but I just had strength at that moment” and she flipped the ladder to the ground.

Unfortunately, the thieves were able to get down from the roof but not without a scolding from Sr. Mary: “I just said ‘Get away, go, this is God’s place.’ ” I only wish she had been able to keep them there until the police arrived! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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