If anyone asks who is the father of YouTube meme videos, show them this video

It’s almost 2020, and one important question that comes to mind is, what would we do without memes? The internet has played such a huge role in making memes what it is today. While there are sites dedicated mainly to memes, YouTube also has a significant part in spreading its goodness. And one person to thank is the “Numa Numa Guy.”

Back in 2005, when YouTube officially launched, it was famous for videos of different sorts like songs, movies, etc. But when Gary Brolsma uploaded a video in 2006, it changed the game. It was him singing along to O-Zone’s Dragostea Din Tei.

Numa numa dance viral video

The video was titled “Numa Numa Dance” and was already a hit in the flash animation site Newgrounds. It had over 15.7 million views. But after uploading it on YouTube, the video garnered over 49 million views. Gary is now considered the person who started the YouTube meme empire.

WATCH the incredible Numa Numa Dance in its full force below.

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