Endangered baby dolphin dies after tourists drag it out of ocean to take selfies

Social media has made our lives easier. It has connected us to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, it also brings out the worst of us. Our constant need to outdo each other in social media makes us do irresponsible things.

People on a beach in Argentina killed a baby dolphin after passing it to take selfies. The La Plata dolphin, also known as Franciscana, is vulnerable to extinction. The fact that they used an innocent animal for entertainment makes it so sad.

la plata dolphin argentina

According to a report by CNN, someone took the baby out to shore after finding it in shallow waters. The beach-goers took the rare dolphin and passed it around while taking pictures with it. Moreover, they left the dehydrated dolphin in the sand after they were done with it. This is truly a sad incident. The Argentinian authorities have reminded everyone to return the dolphins to the waters if they ever see one on the beach. Watch the whole story below:

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