Grandma Suffering From Alzheimer’s Sheds Tears After Relearning a Heartbreaking Truth

Alzheimer’s is hard for both the patients and their loved ones. Often dubbed as the “Memory Thief”, this chronic neurodegenerative disease starts off slow and gets worse with time. It is responsible for 60% to 70% of cases of dementia. This regressive brain disorder affects around half of the people over 85 years of age and it has no known cause or cure.

The following video features a beautiful woman named Nora Jo, and she gives us a tiny glimpse of what it really means to have Alzheimer’s. Her granddaughter has been taking care of her for the past two years. But some days, Nora forgets. This is one of those days. It is hard for us viewers to watch, just imagine how hard it must be for her to get reminded every single day that her husband is no more.

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