Audience left stunned with Nicole Scherzinger’s Britney, Alanis, and Shakira impersonations

Singing is easy, anyone can sing a song even if it’s not that good. But really having the talent or voice for it is another thing. The singers we usually see on tv or the internet are such a talented bunch of people that do not just simply have a nice voice but can also perform the heck out of the stage. Most of them are so gifted with such beautiful singing voices, that they can amazingly mimic or impersonate other singers’ voices as well.

In this particular video, the famous girl group The Pussycat Doll’s main girl Nicole Scherzinger graces the audience with her amazing voice. Oh but apparently, it wasn’t just regular singing, it was somewhat a performance with a twist. Everyone adores Nicole, and we all know that this amazing woman has got one of the most powerful vocals we’ve ever heard– not to mention some of the sickest dance moves too. But here we see a different performance, where she impersonates other famous singers while singing some of their best song hits.

The video starts by her singing a part in Britney Spears’ song “Toxic”. She was heard saying “It’s all in the eyes” while in the middle of the song then continues to sing the line. The audience applauds while someone shouts “Wow!” and “Next!”. She then sings another song, one of Alanis Morissette’s, which was indeed amazingly sung! But the audience was mostly blown by her Shakira impersonation, which was requested by a British fellow. As some of the comments said that Nicole’s Shakira attempt was very accurate as she changes her voice very easy and it sounded so much like the Colombian singer.

Watch the video below as Nicole impressively sing all thee impersonations!


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