Stolen Car Magically Appears On The DoorStep With A Surprising Note

Stolen cars have been reported all over the news with unfortunate results of never finding the culprit or the car. A woman from Portland named Erin Hatzi, had the same experience with her 2001 red Subaru. The car was apparently parked in front of her driveway, and an unknown person was seen on her home security camera, to have entered the car, started it and drove away. She was shocked as to why the said person was seemingly calm and was in no hurry to get away.

Erin thought she caught real life a grand theft auto and reported it to the authorities immediately. She also confirmed that the person seen on the surveillance was certainly someone she didn’t know. But after a day from the incident, Erin never expected what happened next. Surprisingly the car was returned to her house without a scratch, with an apology note partly saying, “Hello, So sorry I stole your car. I sent my friend with my key to pick up my red Subaru and she came back with your car.”

Enclosed in the note was also $30 for gas expenses. How lucky is that? It all appears to be a tragic mix up, explained in the note. The supposed thief was actually a friend of someone who seems to also have a red Subaru car exactly like Erin’s and mistakenly took her car by accident instead. This was said to be possible even without the proper key, said Portland Police as reported by Inside Edition. Older models of the said car can possibly start with keys from similar models because they wear down over time.

Watch the surveillance video of the unfortunate mix up down below.

After her car’s safe return with the apology note, Erin did not see the need to press charges on the person who seems to be genuinely sorry about what happened.

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