Little Boy Plays Fetch By Himself So, The Neighboring Dog Decides To Join In

Little children, though not often, tend to get frightened of other dogs that are not their own. Some of them cry from the barking or easily scare when the dogs try to play around with them. But most of the time, dogs and children adore each other and they get along pretty well. Just like this particular little boy who was seen on a video playing with his neighbor’s pet dog.

Well as seen in the video, the little boy was playing fetch with the said neighbor’s dog, though it wasn’t your typical game of fetch. Apparently, there was a fence between them, but that didn’t stop the two from being instant best friends. With the child’s tender nature and the dog’s playfulness, they both found a bond beyond just being neighbors.

The toddler was on his side of the fence throwing the ball to the other side so that the dog can simply get it and give it back to him. The video was filmed by the boy’s mother, whom you can hear In the background encouraging his son to play with the dog and ask for the ball back. This little boy obviously has a great love for animals, and the dog seems to be also fond of the boy. Assumingly the neighbor is okay with the setup, for there were no negative reactions seen on the video. But tell me, How can you even not be okay with this cutest game of fetch?

Watch the pair’s lovely game below to see how adorable they really are.

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