I Didn’t Know What to Expect from These Giraffes – But It Certainly Wasn’t This!

Graphics and art are being changed dramatically by computer animation techniques and artificial intelligence (AI). In the past year alone, we’ve seen AI progress to the point where it is now able to generate high-definition video by reading a text paragraph! And this video shows you how that can be a good thing if used properly.

Nicholas Deveaux is a French artist who has made a mark in the world by creating whimsical animations of animals doing distinctly human activities. The video given below is called 5 mètres 80 and it features a team of high-diving giraffes performing a set of remarkable flips.

Deveaux’s animation skills are impeccable; you almost have to look twice to make sure the giraffes are not real. The graphics are amazing and it makes you forget that you’re actually watching an animation. Nicholas sure has a great imagination!

Thanks to this man, a lot people’s wish of seeing a giraffe doing acrobatics is now complete. His devotion to detail is unbelievable as well! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought of this whimsical clip!

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