The power of music is truly amazing. Certain songs remind people of their family and loved ones. Music is used for healing traumas and rehabilitate people using music therapy. This is why A.G.Rhodes Health and Rehab center introduced this form of treatment to treat the elderly.

Rosemary Bower is 99 years olf, and listening to music brings her to the happy times of when she was a child. In the case of Linda Mayberry’s mother, who has Dementia, music is the only thing that brings back her memories. This is the only time when she recognizes her daughter.

music therapy

There are more stories than this, but the most significant change comes during group therapy. The room transforms completely when the therapist breaks out his guitar. Once again, the old sing and dance. And most importantly, they feel young once again. Most noteworthy, after the clip ends and the news anchors start discussing the magic of music, one of them breaks down into tears. The magic of music is real. Watch the emotional video below:

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