Wheelchair Looks Normal Enough, But It’s Astounding When Someone Sits in It

Humans have made huge strides when it comes to technology in recent years. However, as we use technology to develop the newest smartphones, we often forget who needs it the most. Likewise, wheelchairs have come a long way to accommodate the needs of people who need it. But the dreams of people using it handsfree hasn’t come true. Until now!

Kevin’s friend Marcus is an active and outgoing person. He has also had paraplegia for many years. When Kevin saw him struggling with day-to-day activities that we take for granted, he knew he wanted to help Marcus in some way. After four years of development with the help of a Segway and some people, he came up with Ogo!

ogo wheelchair

The Ogo is an innovative wheelchair which is entirely handsfree! Moreover, it moves to the direction you lean in! Furthermore, this mobility assistant has occupational therapists excited! This is because people need to use their core muscles to use the Ogo.

And people with paraplegia need to exercise those muscles! Another fantastic feature of the Ogo is that the wheels can be changed to use offroad. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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