Exhausted New Dad Thinks He’s Rocking the Baby but He’s Not!!

Being parents is no joke. This full-time job demands your full undivided attention and nothing else. On top of that, getting less to no REM sleep becomes a lifestyle than a choice. Even with all this going, parents are diligent in taking care of their newborn.

One such heartwarming clip has become the viral talk on social media. A father is cradling what he believes to be his baby, half asleep. Furthermore, the new dad tries different techniques to get his little one to sleep. He can barely open his eyes and looks exhausted. At times, he adjusts the baby’s hat and blanket to keep the tot warm and snuggly, unaware that he is rocking a bundle of robes.


While the newborn is sleeping peacefully in the mother’s arm. He glances over his beautiful wife with half-opened eyes but can’t make out that she has the baby. The clip really gives you a prospect in parenting. How my parents still love me with so much trouble I put them through is beyond me. This whole scenario does make us thankful for having them watch over us, even on their worst days.

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