This Little Girl’s Version of “Hallelujah” is by Far the Best One You’ll Hear!

What’s great about talent shows is that you get to know folks you might have passed over in other situations. A star is born each and every day.

Meet Celine Tam. She is a very young girl with exceptional talent. She can sing very well and you will love everything that this girl sings because she has one of the most exceptional and melodious voices of all time. The way her voice soothes your soul is amazing. I love her so much and her voice is just too sweet for anyone not to shed some tears while listening to her.


Her family members are die-hard Celine Dion fans, and they have plenty of memorabilia to prove it. Celine Dion seems to be her family’s only source of musical entertainment. Celine and her sibling Dion are also famous singers.

This is one of the best performances ever. The rendition of Hallelujah is so powerful. Most importantly, it is coming from a very young girl and girls like this should get more recognition. It is always motivating and heartwarming to see such young talents give their best in the form of performances. You will love her for sure. Watch the full video below!

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