Neighbors Report 90-Yr-Old Widow for Having Messy Yard – Watch Who Helps…

Nowadays, people are so busy that they don’t have time (or at least, a lot of them don’t take the time) to see how their neighbors are doing. But this case takes that ignorance to a whole new level! The city threatened to fine this 90-years-old woman hefty amounts after neighbors complained about her messy home. If only they had asked her politely, they would have known that it wasn’t even her mess in the first place!

A family member of Agnes Mable had been dumping his belongings and trash at the helpless woman’s house for years. Moreover, she was facing up to $2,500 in fines from the city that she could not afford. Because of her age, Agnes was incapable of cleaning out the garbage and clutter. Neither could she repair her home, which was in shambles with holes in the roof.

90 yr old charged

With nowhere to turn, Agnes finally contacted Operation Blessing. And what happens next is what this sweet lady needed. Not only did the volunteers clear out all the mess from her yard, but they also repaired her roof. Furthermore, these sweet angels surprised Agnes with something that she will forever be grateful for.

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