Our parents have provided us with everything since birth. But as we get older, we start appreciating them less and take their unconditional love for granted. So is the story of this sad couple. They started living in their car in a Walmart parking lot with their three dogs. As their jobs fell apart, and so did their house, they were left helpless on the street. It’s heartbreaking to see how the children are no-where near to help their parents.

The couple, Gordon and Dee Head, aged in their 70’s, got redeemed by three angels who answered their prayers in desperate times. The girls fed the couple and their dogs, and they even took the story in social media and asked to help the needy couple.

Although social security covered their necessary day to day expenses, it wasn’t enough to put a roof over their heads. With the approach of social media, they set up a fundraiser and collected over $14,000 of donations. The girls even managed to find a temporary foster home for the couple’s dog.

As our parents get older, we must take care of them financially and emotionally. Every child should try to work on the relationship with their parents after watching this video.

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