Arctic Circle Musicians Chill Audience With Enchanting Music Played on Ice-crafted Instruments

Music is a universal language. Hence, it binds people from different backgrounds. We hardly need words. Just the sound is enough to depict various emotions. Thanks to all the music enthusiasts, we are never short on memorable tunes.

One such individual is Tim Linhart, born and raised in New Mexico. Tim found his love and appreciation of ice music while inhabiting in Luleå, Sweden. He is a sculptor and makes instruments from ice.

While traveling through Europe in the late 90s, Tim made a top in Sweden. He was there to visit his friend, who is a musician. During his stay, he had the opportunity to get full insights on how guitars were made. The process popped a random thought.

Tim made an instrument similar to double bass with the usage of bass strings of a piano. The sound that followed thrilled Linhart. Therefore he decided to quit everything and make ice instruments. In the four decades of hard, he made ice violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, banjo, mandolin, drums, xylophone, rolandophone, flutes, and a pipe organ. He introduced this new idea to people in 2004 in his igloo Concert. The possibilities are endless. One needs to look close enough. Please press play and enjoy this remarkable story of Tim’s journey. Do share your thoughts on the feed.

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