10 Common Slow Cooker Mistakes Most People Make

The slow cooker has been a remarkable invention in the kitchen. It always allows for a hassle-free meal. However, there are few things one needs to avoid while cooking on these. Suppose you are yet unaware of what to avoid. Here are a few things you should never do while cooking in a slow cooker.

Don’t add frozen meat

To avoid bacterial contamination, always thaw your chicken beforehand. You can use any method you are comfortable with.

Lifting the lid off to check on the food

The whole idea of cooking in the slow cooker is to wait patiently until the food is done. Lifting the lids time and again will add more to cooking time.

Avoid using over-priced meats

Slow cookers help in tenderizing the meat. Hence, you can opt-out buying overly priced. Buy the regular product. It will still be tasty and juicy, regardless.

Using the wrong size

In order to minimize over or undercooking, it’s best to portion the meal or buy different sizes. This will help you get the perfectly cooked meal on every try.

Cooking chicken with the skin

Slow cookers are not the place to expect a crisp skin. Therefore it’s better to leave the skin out of the pot.

Putting herbs in too soon

Herbs allow enhancing more flavor and fragrance to meals. Hence always wait till the last cooking minutes to add them.

Skipping the searing

Another essential step is searing, never skip the step, and you will end up with the perfect tender meal every time.

Layering appropriately

Layering is a crucial step to avoid undercooked ingredients. Therefore, it is essential to layer with an adequate amount and precise manner.

Avoid Dairy products

Dairy products don’t mesh well with the slow cookers. So, always cook them on the stovetop and add them close to the ending if necessary.

Cut back on alcohol

Slow cookers don’t provide enough heat to cook off the alcohols. Hence, it will be wiser to cut back the amount.

Apply these simple techniques to excel cooking every time. Please press play and enjoy this clip. Do share your favorite recipe on the slow cooker.

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