He Asked His Mom With Alzheimers if She Knows Her Children- Her Response Warmed My Heart

When you are a child, you cannot live without your parents. However, as you reach your teenage years, you stop being as close as you once were. Luckily for most people, this is temporary. And you begin appreciating your parents more than you grow into an adult! Moreover, old age brings many sicknesses and ailments. So, it’s important to cherish the times you get to spend with your mother and father.

Your parents have taken care of you through all your cuts and bruises. So, it’s only fair that you take care of them in their old age. Unfortunately, many older people suffer from degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, patients have memory loss and can even revert to their earlier years. Likewise, this sweet Mom thinks she is in her 20’s. But it doesn’t stop her from letting her personality shine!

mother alzheimers

Stephen Palmer asks his mother with Alzheimer’s questions. Firstly, he asks if she knows her kids’ names. Although she says she doesn’t know them, she answers correctly! Moreover, he questions her name, which she does remember— Charlene. However, she has trouble recalling her last name. Even though she may not know all the answers, she’s so sweet and polite. And though she may not recognize her son who is interviewing her, you know her motherly love will always be there.

Watch the video below:

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