Giving birth is a very complicated procedure. It takes a brave heart to get something and lose something at the same time.

It is not easy for a person to raise a baby on their own. A single parent will go through problems of raising a child ten times more than two parents would. There will always be a need to fill a void of the other parent in a child’s life when you are a single parent. Worse of all, you don’t get to live the life you have always imagined because your spouse passes away.

Mark Alger held his daughter, Savannah, for a total of forty-five minutes the day she was born and then never again after that. The day after Savannah was born, Mark fell into a coma, and several days later, he passed away.  While his wife Diana gave birth two weeks earlier, he held her for 45 minutes. It was only a few days after that he passes away.

This story is just so saddening. Watch the full video below!

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