Heart-Touching Video Shows Mother Dog Digging Through Debris To Save Her Pups

As they say, “God couldn’t be everywhere so he created mothers”. Whether humans or animals, a mother’s love knows no bounds. There is no one else who can take her place. This has been proven by a distraught mother dog who is yelping for help to save her newborns.

The following video features a rescuer from Animal Aid Unlimited, India who takes up the mission of rescuing a frantic mother dog’s puppies. He finds the crying mother, pets her and shifts her aside to dig out her puppies which were buried beneath the debris of a collapsed house. Even when the rescuer carries her away, the mother is desperate to help and make the digging process faster.

The mother dog continues to guide the man as her motherly instincts knew exactly where her little ones were. Towards the middle of the video, we can hear the babies crying. After rescuing all the puppies and taking them to the shelter, the mother feels relieved and feeds her babies. The rescuer leaves some blankets and biscuits for them as they get ready to doze off.

WATCH the heart-wrenching video of a helpless mother. The happy ending fills our hearts to the brim!

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