9-year-old wants to have beer, Homeless man gives her the best lesson

Public pranks and social experiments are all the rage on YouTube these days. Drop-in a few good reactions, some bad reactions, a whole lot of good looking strangers and the video is soon to get viral. But this particular video by Dennis Cee has garnered 1,533,949 views on YouTube for all the right reasons.

The video features Dennis with a 9-year-old carrying a beer bottle. The child approaches strangers asking for help in opening the beer bottle. Most of the people turned down her request. Some were considerate enough to even ask her about her parents and home. Unfortunately, there were few who casually laughed it off and opened the bottle for her to drink.

However, the reaction that touched our heart was from a homeless man. He recalls his own story of alcohol consumption and warns her that she will end up like him. Certainly, this man may not have a home but he has a heart of gold!

WATCH this video to find out all the positive and negative reactions from the public.

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