Brave Mom Dog Sees A Man Begs Him To Save To Save Her Babies

A mother’s heart is always on the soft side for her children. Even a dog mom could not hold herself back from helping her kids on a snowy and cold day.

This brave and smart dog is from Serbia. The dog was helpless after her puppies fell into a concrete drainage pipe. Sadly, she could not do anything to take them out until she finally saw a man. The man happens to be a member of the Mladenovac charity shelter in Serbia.

When the mother approached the kind man, he immediately knew something was wrong. When he followed her along with a few other members of his team, they found three of her puppies inside the drainage pipe. They first placed the mother dog inside their truck and then saved her puppies.

The kindness of these people is much appreciable while the bravery and wit of the mother dog are just as praiseworthy. Watch the full video below!

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