For some, quarantine could be a punishment but for others, it’s a time to explore their talents. And this mother-daughter duo knows exactly how to. Their choreograph is making them famous for all the right reasons.

The Erica Pike and daughter, Izzy from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, decided to keep doing what they loved, and now their video has gone viral! They put on their dancing shoes and turn their entire house into a stage for performances.

Mom And Daughter footloose

In the past, Erica has worked at the Carolina Opry Theater and on cruise ships as a professional dancer. She describes herself as a dance teacher, choreographer, homeschool mom, and “wifey”.

Izzy’s on the other hand, must be following in her mother’s footsteps. The mother-daughter duo set up a YouTube Channel  Izzy T.V. where they post upbeat dance, song, and lip-sync videos. And on that list of dances, we’ve stumbled upon this video that will surely make you want to move with them. Watch the full dance here:

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