Mother Cow Keeps Hiding Her Newborn Calf To Prevent Her From Being Taken Away

Dairy cows are inherently saddened by the memories of farmers taking away their calves. But what happens when a former dairy cow gives birth to a calf? Post-traumatic stress strikes again!

Clarabelle was once a dairy cow. Her milk production was pretty low and farmers thought she was a bother to keep alive. She was only hours away from slaughter when a group of Australian volunteers arrived to rescue her. Not only did they manage to rescue her on time, but they also found that she was pregnant.

Cows are infamous for their maternal instincts and this former dairy cow is no exception. Just a week before her due date, she started to act strangely. She started eating lesser food and maintained a fair distance. After much research around the farm, the volunteers discovered that she has secretly given birth to a calf! And recalling all the horrible separations from earlier, she decided to hide her newborn calf in a patch of tall grass!

WATCH how Clarabelle hid her calf so humans wouldn’t take him away.

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