Remember Connie! This Little Girl From Britain’s Got Talent, She’s All Grown Up Now

The first impression is the last impression. Thus, breaking or living up to the first one can be nerve-wracking. Especially when millions of people and highly experienced judges are watching you. You’ve got only one, final chance to make it or break it!

However, a situation which could make anyone fret did not stop Connie Talbot from enchanting the stage of Britain’s Got Talent… yet again. 12 years ago when Connie was just 6 years old, she stole everyone’s hearts with her cuteness and unbelievable singing. She made it to the finals but did not bag the title. She claims she was not sad back then as she was grateful to even make it to the finals at such a tender age.

The video features Connie’s latest performance as she aims to live up to the expectations she earned 12 years ago. She makes a bold move by performing an original piece, complete with her amazing piano playing skills. Needless to say, she leaves everyone astounded with her unmatched talent. Recalling her childhood performance, Simon Cowell adds, “I don’t think we’d be sitting here if it wasn’t for you”.

WATCH Connie nail the stage with her song which talks about never giving up on your dreams.

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