Heartbroken Mama Dog Cries Tears Of Joy When She Is Reunited With Her Puppies

There are some people who still think that animals don’t have feelings. They think animals are lesser beings, and do not feel the same emotions as humans do. But they would be wrong. Animals too feel complex emotions like love just like humans do. Love is the strongest emotion in the world, and a mother’s love can’t be compared to anything else. This is applicable with animals as well.

All mothers feel unconditional love towards their babies. They always put their babies before themselves. So when their babies are in danger, nothing breaks a mother’s heart more than that. They would rather sacrifice themselves rather than see their beloved kids in danger. The mama dog in the following video makes this so clear.

This mama dog was finally reunited with her puppies. They look like they had been through a rough ordeal indeed. The dog was curled around her babies, desperately trying to protect them. She was so happy to see them that she even started crying. While some people might debate that animals like dogs don’t cry, this particular pooch had giant teardrops rolling down her eyes. Whether you agree or disagree, the video speaks for itself.

Check out this amazing clip below:

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