Mentally Sick Woman Believes Dog Can Fly. Throws Puppy Off A Bridge To ‘Prove’ Her Point

“If pigs could fly,” pretty sure you’ve heard this phrase before. But you know that only happens in cartoons, right? Similarly, dogs are also the type of animals that cannot fly.

However, a  woman in Florida went the extra mile to prove that dogs can fly. And surprisingly for the woman, her dog, had no power of flight whatsoever. She threw her dog over a 50ft tall bridge in Florida. BJ, which was a Jack Russell Terrier survived the fall but with a catch.

dog getting rescued

The poor dog dislocated one of its legs but stunningly didn’t suffer any broken bones. Animal rescue wasted no time in rushing in with help while BJ remained with the lifeguard that saved it. The Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control center took in the dog as it goes on with the healing process.

The woman in question is the member of BJ’s family. And matters are arising about her mental health as well. However, the woman is likely to face charges after throwing her dog off the bridge. And BJ is expected to stay at the animal center.

WATCH the video below as the rescue team takes BJ away on a stretcher after the fall.

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