Mom Lost Her Son From Drowning- So, She Gives Warning to Other Parents to Keep Their Children Safe

It is hard being a parent. One really has to be aware of what he does or what he does not do in order to be a good parent.

This video is here to help you out. A very wise mother shares her views on taking good care of your children while they are swimming and we have nothing but respect for her views. She says, “Reminding parents that when you take your kids swimming, please make sure you’re the first line of defense and because your eyes need to be on your kids first. And if your kids don’t swim, make sure that they’re at arm’s length from you. Make sure that toys are brought in from outside in the water because kids are often attracted to those toys. If even you have a blowup swimming pool in the backyard, after you’re done having that swim time, make sure that blowup pool is emptied.”

Continuing, she said, “If you’re going to a beach or a lake, make sure that you park yourself in front of a lifeguard and [are] checking those flags for the conditions of the water. If you are going to be going to the water and your kids don’t know how to swim or if you’re gonna be on a boat, it may also be important for you to have a Coast Guard-approved life jacket. Make sure you as an adult are wearing them as well when you’re on open water because you never know what could end up happening. It’s just better to be safe.”

These tips are very safe. Watch the full video below!

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