Deaf Man Was Bullied By Rude waiter, Now Watch The Lady In White

The popular TV show, ‘What Would You Do?’ was recently enacted within a popular restaurant, ‘Tom Sawyer’. Berry played the role of the restaurant Manager. Nyle Di Marco played the role of a deaf and dumb customer. Tyler played the role of the waiter.
The whole exercise was to highlight the plight of physically challenged individuals. And how people around them react to different circumstances.
The idea was that whenever a new guest will sit near the table of Nyle, the waiter will go to Nyle and while taking orders from him, he will misbehave. The reaction from the nearby guest was to be seen at that instant.

The first guest was a lady and she just couldn’t tolerate the scene and asked the waiter to show some compassion towards Nyle. The second was also a lady and roughly the same thing was done by her. The third was also a lady but slightly more moderate. Although she wanted to help Nyle, she didn’t say anything to the waiter while he was misbehaving with Nyle.

The fourth customer was a gentleman and he seemed to be quite moved on the issue and tried to help Nyle. In the first, second and fourth instance, the guests felt the pain. They finally decided to leave the restaurant after speaking to the manager.

But, the show’s creator, John Kinionese would drop in there every time and tell about the truth to the guests who would feel rocking at that time! Most fellow customers were supportive of Nyle and felt very bad about how he was being treated by the waiter. Indeed, our world can be a better place if we can show some compassion and love without being discriminatory towards others.

Simply watch the stunning video here and do comment for what you feel on this issue.